London Passes Which is the Best to Buy?

    It is the comparison of London Pass, the Explorer Pass and other tourist discount passes in London. Discover how a tourist discount pass can save you money on attractions, tours and more. Do not forget, our tours are pay-what-you-want and explore a large part of the city.

    • Before buying
    • London Pass (All Inclusive)
    • Choose 3, 4, 5 or 7 Attractions
    • Default Passes
    • Combined Bus Passes
    • Other Discount Passes


    There are several different categories to choose from, and we have classified them by type. Just click on the links for more details, but here is a general description.

    The London Pass is an all-inclusive pass that allows you to enjoy as many attractions, tours and experiences as you can within a certain number of days for a fixed price (think of a buffet all you can eat). All-inclusive passes are the most expensive, but you could save the most money if you pre-plan.

    There are passes that allow you to choose a certain number of attractions and routes. These passes are usually offered in increments of 3, 4, 5, 7 or more attractions and you choose what attractions you want from a long list of major attractions. These are a bit cheaper and more flexible than the all-inclusive passes, but their savings potential is less.

    Another option is the default passes that are like a fixed price / default menu. If you like the attractions included in the 'menu', these passes are a nice and easy way to save money. There are bus tour companies that offer their own combined offers. Finally, London has many discount cards and passes for one or two specific activities.

    If at first sight tourist passes seem too expensive, be sure to calculate the estimated cost of visiting all the attractions you expect to see. When properly planned, these tourist passes can really save you a lot of time and money. It can be difficult to decide which, in your case, is right for you. Therefore, we recommend that you decide what you want and have time to do it first before choosing what you would like. In other words, do not necessarily let the person (s) pass (s) decide where to go, but certainly get ideas of what is offered.


    The London Pass is a tourist pass available to buy for all visitors to London. It is in the form of a smart card (similar to your Oyster Card) that has a single fee-charged in advance, which allows the cardholder to enter numerous attractions. In addition to this, the London Pass offers a tail jump for many attractions that can literally save hours of waiting online.

    Passes can be purchased to last 1, 2, 3 or 6 days, depending on the duration of the visit to London. Passes can be purchased up to 12 months in advance and "activated" on the first use of the card to enter an attraction. Once the card has been used for the predetermined length, it expires. (It is also worth mentioning that the pass only gives entry to each attraction once).

    The pass is valid at more than 60 attractions in London! In general, that could mean a saving of more than £ 500. However, it is unlikely that anyone will get to all the attractions that accept the Pass, so it is better for visitors/individual groups to see the list of accepted places they wish to visit while in London to decide if the card could not Save them money.

    What is included in the Pass?

    The attractions included in the London Pass are numerous. Here we will list some of the 'large' locations, but be sure to read the full list.

    Use London Pass in:

    • The tower of London
    • View from the Shard
    • San Pablo's cathedral
    • Westminster Abbey
    • Hampton Court Palace
    • Kensington Palace
    • The London Zoo
    • The Churchill War Rooms
    • Apsley House
    • Kew Gardens
    • HMS Belfast
    • Shakespeare's Globe Theater
    • The Royal Albert Hall
    • The London Monument to the Great Fire of 1666
    • Golden Hinde
    • National Museum of the Army
    • Freud Museum

    Also note that it includes the 'Fast Track Entrance' in some of the busiest tourist spots in London. For some, this is an invaluable addition as it saves a lot of time.

    What attractions are not included in the Pass?

    As big as the list of attractions that accept the Pass, there are some that do not.

    • The Houses of Parliament
    • The London Eye
    • Madame Tussauds
    • London Aquarium

    Also, keep in mind that most of the National Museums and Galleries in London are free of charge independently.


    • One Day Pass: Adult £ 66 and Child £ 49
    • Two Day Pass: Adult £ 91 and Child £ 74
    • Three Day Pass: Adult £ 109 and Child £ 83
    • Six Day Pass: Adult £ 149 and Child £ 109
    • Ten Day Pass: Adult £ 179 and Child £ 129
    • More information or to reserve.

    Is it worth the London Pass?

    This depends completely on the user! It is suggested to add the entrance costs of the attractions you want to visit and compare them with the pass. Here is a good example:

    Example of a one-day itinerary:

    Tower of London £ 22.00
    St. Paul's Cathedral £ 16.50
    London Bridge Experience £ 20.00
    Total: £ 58.50

    This means that with a One Day pass you would save less than £ 10 per pass. It is estimated that visitors should go to three attractions per day so that a 1 to 2-day pass is worthwhile. Two attractions for a 3 or 6-day pass.

    Who is the Pass for?

    • Those who travel with children. Skip the long lines can be invaluable for those who visit wit the little ones.
    • Those who want to see a lot in a short period of time. If you travel with a tight schedule and can get to three attractions per day, then the pass should work to save you money.
    • Those who are not interested in too many museums. For people who are not interested in visiting free museums, but prefer to see great attractions, the pass will be adequate.
    • Those who visit London for the first time . If you are in London and want to visit the main traditional sites (the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, etc.), the pass can provide you with good value.

    Who should not use the London Pass?

    • Those who are interested in museums and galleries. Like most of the museums and galleries in London are free. Those who want to focus their tour around these attractions should not buy the Pass.
    • Those who stay in London for more than a week. If visitors are in London for more than a week, there is more time to see great attractions and free museums and also to travel at a more leisurely pace, which means that the Pass would not save too much money.
    • Those who only want to see only some of the sites that the Pass has. For those who only have one or two "large" places on their itinerary, the London Pass will not provide a large discount.

    Tips for tourists who consider London Pass

    Consider the time of year. In summer, London can be extremely busy. And, surprising to some, extremely hot! Many visitors from London between July and September may find that the price of the London Pass alone is worth it to enter the acceleration queues, which will save users the time they spend standing in the sun.

    Think of the shorter tickets.

    If you are willing to commit to a strict itinerary for one, two or three days and then want to relax for the rest of your visit and keep your days less regulated, seriously consider the shorter Pass options.

    Plan, plan ... and plan a little more!

    Check the opening hours and the days of the attractions you want to see to know that you will have enough time to visit them. Check your map and the underground map to select attractions that are close to each other to save travel time.

    Conclusion: check the London Pass website and make some calculations in advance to know if the Pass will be worth depending on your individual itinerary.


    There are two passes available (Explorer Pass or iVenture Card) in which you buy a pass depending on the number of attractions and activities, instead of the number of days. These passes offer between 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 attractions. "Choose" your attractions and activities from a lot of attractions, many of which are the most popular and expensive. By purchasing a pass instead of each separate view, you can save up to 50% on the total cost of your tour.

    You do not have to choose in advance what attractions you want to see or what days you will visit them. Better yet, these passes are valid for 30 days from the date you activate it. Another positive aspect is that in some attractions you will get fast tickets and skip the admission lines.

    A slight negative for these passes is that to get the most savings, you may want to do some research. You can even use a calculator to maximize your savings. For example, if you choose to see the attractions that are the most expensive (more than $ 20), your savings will be greater. But it's only worth it if you want to see these attractions. Another way to save money and make this type of pass worth its price, do not choose attractions that can be visited for free in certain days or hours. With a little advance planning, these types of passes are ideal for those who want to save money and enjoy flexibility and spontaneity.


    Smart Destinations now offers the LONDON GO CARD Explorer Pass for the 20 best attractions in London! This coupon book is designed to save you money (up to 40%!) On the ticket price of popular tourist spots throughout the city, and can save you time by skipping the line at the entrance. A good bonus is the money back guarantee of 100% of the money up to 1 year after the travel dates if you do not use the pass.

    Attractions to choose from:

    • Hop-on Hop-off Tour with Big Bus (can be used as an alternative to public transport)
    • Madame Tussauds London
    • Sea Life Aquarium London
    • Bike Tour with Fat Tire
    • London Eye River Cruise
    • Dreamworks Tour: The Shrek Adventure
    • Walking Tour by Sherlock Holmes
    • Coca-Cola London Eye
    • St. Paul's Cathedral
    • The London Dungeon
    • The Tower Bridge Experience
    • Tour of Wembley Stadium
    • A meal at Planet Hollywood
    • Walking tour of James Bond
    • Walking Tour of Doctor Who
    • London Zoo
    • Day trip to Windsor Express
    • The Rising Sun Pub
    • The Royal Oak Pub


    • 3 Options: Adult £ 59 and child (3-15) £ 49
    • 5 Options: Adult £ 89 and child (3-15) £ 69
    • 7 Options: Adult £ 109 and child (3-15) £ 89

    Click here to buy. A good bonus is the money back guarantee of 100% of the money up to 1 year after the travel dates if you do not use the pass.

    How It Works

    Choose your package (3, 5 or 7) and then choose your places! You will have 30 days from your first visit to use GoCard, which means there's no rush to fit everything in a week. You will get your GoCard instantly by email, as well as a map and tourist pamphlet to explore further. Simply show your GoCard on your phone at the entrance and get instant admission!

    Professional Advice: Investigate the admission costs for the places you are interested in attending and then use your GoCard in the most expensive income to save up to 40%. If you are concerned if this is a good business or not, it is as easy as comparing the admission costs. In London just for a weekend, choose to group 3 attractions that you can take your time exploring.

    iVENTURE CARD ( London Flexi Attractions Pass)

    Like the previous Explorer Pass, this pass offers packages of 3, 5, 7 or 10 attractions from which you can choose from a list of 33 attractions. This pass will save you up to 50% of the normal entrance prices. You do not need to choose in advance, which offers great flexibility. See the full list of attractions here.

    Among the attractions are The View from The Shard, Madame Tussaud's, the London Zoo and St. Paul's Cathedral. It also includes activities and services such as river cruises, airport transfers and day trips to Oxford, Stonehenge, Stratford and Bath. The West End theater shows are also an option.

    All passes are valid for one month (31 days) from the date you activate it for the first time. When making a reservation, simply choose how many attractions you want to include on your card.


    3 Options: Adult £ 69 and child (4-15) £ 59
    5 Options: Adult £ 99 and child (4-15) £ 89
    7 Options: Adult £ 129 and child (4-15) £ 114
    10 Options: Adult £ 169 and child (4-15) £ 149

    The iVenture Card packages can be purchased online (click here ). When you arrive in London, go to one of your Pick and Sell points to recover your real pass. You can also buy the pass at the location listed below.

    Note: The pass is not refundable. All sales are final.


    Default passes are excellent if you know what you want to do before you arrive. These passes give you discounted access to several specific attractions for a fixed price. Attraction savings are high for tourist passes, however, if you have more interest, you can find better overall savings with the other discount pass options. Below are two predetermined passes with similar names: London City Pass "TurboPass" and London City Pass. To differentiate these cards, be sure to look up the word TURBOPASS when you see different passes.


    This is a new tourist pass announced at the end of 2016. If you are going to be in London for more than a few days and are interested in the limited variety of attractions this pass offers, this pass may be good for you. The London Turbo Pass offers 3 levels of the pass depending on the number of attractions you want to see: Starter (4 attractions), Classic (5 attractions) or Best (7 attractions). The higher the level of a pass you choose, the more attractions you get free entry, but keep in mind that the better the pass, the higher the price.

    A good feature is that you will also have " fast track " access to some attractions, which is a real time saving. You also receive the entrance to a "special surprise attraction" (we tell you more, but it really is a surprise and we do not even know it!)

    Finally, you'll get good discounts on 10 attractions, for example, 20% discount on Brit Movie Tours, 20% discount on Ripley's Believe It or Not London and 12% discount on Hop-on-Hop-off Golden Tours.

    The three passes to choose from are:

    Starter Pass (4 attractions)

    • St. Paul's Cathedral (fast track entrance)
    • Wimbledon Museum
    • Boat trip on the River Thames
    • * choice of the Tower of London or Kensington Palace (both with fast track entry)

    Price: child (5-10): £ 39.90, teenager (11-15): £ 39.90, adult: £ 79.90

    Classic Pass (5 attractions)

    • St. Paul's Cathedral (fast track entrance)
    • Wimbledon Museum
    • Boat trip on the River Thames
    • * choice of the Tower of London or Kensington Palace (both with fast track entry)
    • The Shard (the tallest building in London)

    Price: child (5-10): £ 59.90, teenager (11-15): £ 59.90, adult: £ 99.90

    Best Pass (7 attractions)

    • St. Paul's Cathedral (fast track entrance)
    • Wimbledon Museum
    • Boat trip on the River Thames
    • Tower of London (fast track entry)
    • Kensington Palace (fast track entrance)
    • The Shard (the tallest building in London)
    • Banquet House (fast track entrance)

    Price: Child (5-10): £ 69.90, adolescent (11-15): £ 69.90, adult: £ 129.90

    How to buy:

    1) Go to website and choose what STARTER, CLASSIC or BEST pass.
    2) Choose the amount of tickets
    3) Choose if you want to pick up your pass in London or if you prefer to have it delivered
    4) Complete your purchase. After payment, you will receive your City Pass within a few days by mail or by coupon via email, so you can pick up the pass on the site in London.

    Note: When choosing between pickup in London or delivery by mail, take two things into consideration . Shipping times will vary, therefore, unless the purchase of your pass is several weeks before your trip, it would be best to go with the pick-up service in London.

    If you choose the mail delivery option, you have the option to buy an "Oyster Card" that you will need to use on public transport in London. You can choose to buy an Oyster Card with money already loaded and it will be ready to use when you arrive in London.

    How long is the London City Pass valid?

    All passes are valid to activate within 12 months from the date of purchase. But once you activate it by writing on the first date you plan to use it, you have 7 consecutive days to visit any or all attractions and museums. Example: buy your pass online in February. Your trip to London is not until May. Okay, just remember that you only have 7 consecutive days from the date you write on your pass.

    Refund Policy: If your plans change, you can cancel your order, return the pass and receive a full refund (less a cancellation fee of € 20 per pass).

    Is this the right choice for me?

    First of all, this pass alone is worth it if the attractions offered are the ones you want to see. Do not let the free entrance offer to 30 museums influence you. Most of the museums in London are free anyway. Next, we made an analysis of the purchase costs of this pass compared to the payment of the attractions individually. It turns out that you are paying between 8% and 15% more when you buy the pass instead of buying tickets for each attraction. However, obtiens the surprise attraction, discounts on the main attractions and the possibility of buying your transport card in advance, which can save time. Of the three passes offered, CLASSIC makes more sense. For two adults, the CLASSIC pass costs £ 200, while buying tickets individually costs £ 198.

    With so many passes out there, you may want to see the other options, as this does not seem to offer so many advantages.


    London City Pass is a basic discount card that includes some items, but you will probably visit. By grouping these items into one pass, you will save money AND you will also get a 20% discount on many other major attractions. This pass is best for people who plan to visit some attractions and like the convenience of having them before they arrive in London. It is also good for people who want more time to see places of interest since the pass does not have a time limit of 24 or 48 hours, like other passes.

    The London City Pass includes:

    • Ticket for the London Eye
    • Ticket to Buckingham Palace (The Queens Gallery)
    • Transportation to the airport (one way if it is in Gatwick or Heathrow or return if it is Luton or Stansted)
    • 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
    • 20% discount on tickets jump-the-line for museums and attractions such as the Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, guided tours and excursions outside of London, including Stonehenge.

    Note: The London City Pass does not include public transport.

    Prices: (from 2018) Adult £ 108.67 / Child (5-15) £ 60.67 (does not include the 3% rate)

    How to buy:

    Once you have booked your plane tickets, go to their website . You will be asked to enter your arrival / departure dates and at what airport you are flying.

    After completing your purchase, you will receive an email that will serve as a pass. You can also use your smartphone as your pass! You will also receive the code to receive a 20% discount when you omit the online tickets you purchase online. For a list of attractions that accept this 20% discount code, click here.


    Some travel companies offer combined passes, which guarantee discounts to guests at certain attractions. If you are already planning to buy a tourist bus ticket, these can be good options.

    The Original Tourism Tour of London

    The Original London Tourism Tour is one of the most popular and long-lasting bus travel companies in London. The Original Bus Tour works as a hop-on-hop-off bus with more than 80 different stops around the city. Tickets are valid for a period of 24 hours, so guests are encouraged to see as much as possible within that period. Also offered within those 24 hours, guests can take up to 3 free walking tours and a free trip on the River Thames Cruise.

    Price: £ 26 for adults, £ 12.50 for children

    In addition, The Original London Tourism Tour offers combined packages that provide guests with 24-hour access to the aforementioned bus, walking and boat tours, as well as admission to an attraction of their choice at a discounted price. Below are some of the most popular combos available:

    • Original Bus Tour + London Eye + Madame Tussauds + Sea Life London Aquarium (£ 112 / Adult, £ 78 / child)
    • Original Bus Tour + London Eye: £ 43.75 for adults, £ 26.10 for children (it is a £ 1.70 / ticket savings)
    • Original Bus Tour + View from the Shard: £ 49.50 for adults, £ 29.70 for children (£ 2.45 for savings)
    • Original Tour by Bus + Tour of St. Paul's Cathedral: £ 38.20 for adults, £ 17.35 for children
    • Original Bus Tour + London Zoo: £ 47.95 for adults, £ 26.45 for children
    • Original Bus Tour + Tower of London: £ 42.30 for adults, £ 20.50 for children

    If you do not mind traveling from sunrise to sunset and you're also very interested in seeing one of the many attractions included as a combo, the Original London Sightseeing Tour combo is perfect for you! Again, it will be a long day of intense visits, but as long as you do not mind seeing everything in a 24-hour period, this combined package is a great way to save. Get more information and buy here.

    Golden Tours

    Very similar to The Original London Tourism Tour, Golden Tours also offers package tours with their bus tours that give guests access to major attractions at a discounted price. The biggest difference between the two companies is that Golden Tours mainly offers 48-hour tickets , so guests have more time to explore. In addition, with little more than 60 stops, the hop-on-hop-off bus tour is a little less extensive than the company Tour Original Tourism in London.

    • Bus tour Hop on Hop off - Ticket 48 hours + London Eye: £ 45 for adults
    • Bus tour Hop on Hop off - Ticket 48 hours + Tower of London: £ 48 for adults
    • Bus tour Hop on Hop off - Ticket 48 hours + Tower of London + London Eye: £ 69 for adults
    • Bus tour Hop on Hop off - 48 hour ticket + Madame Tussauds: £ 48.75 for adults

    There are also special offers for families or groups.

    Golden Tours is really a great option. If the description of the bus tour with and without stops meets its standards, then this is a great package to take advantage of, since it is the most economical and allows the greatest amount of time to explore. The Golden Routes do not necessarily have the reputation of Original Tourism of London, nor are they so extensive, but they are still very good.

    Big Bus attractions packages

    This is a well-reviewed hop-on-hop-off bus service, whose multi-day bus tours include 3 free walking tours, a boat cruise and many coupons and discounts, in addition to the bus service. You also get live guides, pre-recorded comments and free Wi-Fi on board. Click here for more details.

    Below is his combo bus tour + an attraction offer. Note: The prices indicated are for online purchase. Buying your trip online from website will save you a few pounds, but not so much that you feel bad about buying them on the street if you decide to buy tickets at the last minute.

    • 24-hour hop-on tour, hop-off on bus + London Eye Fast-Track Entrance (skip the line)
      • Online adult price: £ 52.70 (street price: £ 56.00)
      • Online price for children (5-15 years): £ 39.70 (street price: £ 40.00) *
      • Child of 4 years or less Free
      • Family (2 adults + 2 children) online price £ 181.70
    • 24-hour hop-on tour, hop-off bus and London Eye Standard Entrance
      • Online adult price: £ 47.70
      • Online price for children (5-15 years): £ 25.70
      • Child of 4 years or less Free
      • Family (2 adults + 2 children) online price £ 145.70
    • 24-hour hop-on tour, hop-off on bus and + Standard Entrance Madame Tussauds
      • Adult price online: £ 52.70
      • Online price for children (5-15 years): £ 32.70
      • Child of 4 years or less Free
      • Family (2 adults + 2 children) online price £ 218.40

    TIP: If you are considering a discount pass for a London tourist attraction, please note that the Smart Destination Explorer Pass includes the 1-day Big Bus tour + boat cruise at no additional cost.



    The TimeOut Card London is an annual membership card that guarantees users significant discounts on a wide range of attractions, events and restaurants. Although many tourist favorites such as the Tate Modern, the Tower of London and the Globe Theater are included with the card, there are also many local gems that are also discounted with the card.

    The TimeOut Card DOES NOT offer free access to any site, but allows great discounts, as well as access to special events.

    What is included?

    Much! The variety of attractions, restaurants and events are huge. TimeOut differentiates offers by categories: restaurants and cafes; bars and pubs; theater and the arts; museums and attractions; music and nightlife; shopping and lifestyle; movie theater; and experiences. Some favorites include:

    • 25% discount on the visit to the Tower of London with the Thames Cruise
    • 20% audio tours in the Houses of Parliament
    • 20% of most City Cruises
    • 10% discount on many musicals like Matilda, The Lion King and Billy
    • Elliot
    • 10-50% discount in many restaurants and bars

    For a complete list of discounts offered with the TimeOut card, check their website.

    What is not included?

    The important thing to remember with the TimeOut Card is that it does NOT offer free access to any attraction or event. Rather, it simply allows guests to buy tickets at a discounted price. A TimeOut Card is valid for 12 full months, so access to tickets is subject to availability at that particular time of the year.

    How much?

    The TimeOut Card is available to buy for the flat rate of £ 24.50.

    Where can I buy the TimeOut card?

    Also online ! You will be sent a virtual and a physical card. This way, if you ever forget to take your card with you, it will be stored in your email!

    Is it worth the TimeOut Card?

    The TimeOut Card works best for locals or for visitors who stay in the UK for a longer period of time. It does not offer as much savings in tourist sites as the London Pass and, therefore, it is not the best option for visitors who expect to see as much as possible in the shortest possible time. However, because it is valid for a full year, it is ideal for those who can visit the attractions at a more leisurely pace. The discounts available in the restaurants and bars of the city allow the greatest amount of savings.

    2 FOR 1 OFFERS

    Many of London's most famous attractions have partnered with National Rail to offer visitors who bought a train ticket an offer of 2 for 1 attractions. Your travel card, purchased at a train station, will give you Unlimited travel on all London buses and all metro stations within zones 1 and 2, and you will also qualify for the 2 for 1 rail offer! For more information on the 2-to-1 agreement with National Rail.


    Similar to the combined offers mentioned above, tour packages are another excellent way to save by combining many different tourist attractions. Discount London offers a variety of tour packages. The big difference is that these packages are composed only of attractions and do not include bus or walking routes. Packages vary in price from £ 44.30 to £ 102.80 for adults depending on the type and number of attractions included.


    This ticket gives you free admission to 19 different bars and clubs around London. Choose between a 1 day ticket for £ 10 or a 7 day ticket for £ 20. Discounts on drinks are also included in certain places. Some of the popular bars that are featured include Underworld and Gilgamesh. Buy your ticket here.


    Similar to the aforementioned pass, the London: All Access Discount Clubbing Pass gives you free admission to up to 20 clubs over the course of a night in London. The price is £ 10 for the pass and includes discounts on drinks in most places. You will also receive a map, as well as tips for visiting clubs in London. Buy your ticket here.


    The National Trust Touring Pass is available only to foreign visitors in the United Kingdom. The Pass gives you access to historical sites throughout the country for a single fee. There are more than 300 sites available to visit, and guests can choose between a 7 or 14 day access pass for each. Some of the highlights include:

    • The Fountains of Abbey (where the Secret Garden was filmed)
    • The Chartwell House by Winston Churchill
    • William Wordsworth's childhood home
    • Hill Top home of Beatrix Potter


    7-day adult pass (admit 1) - $ 40.50
    7-day adult pass (admit 2) - $ 72.50
    7-day family pass: $ 80.50

    14-day adult pass (admit 1) - $ 48.50
    14-day adult pass (admit 2) - $ 87.00
    14-day family pass: $ 100.00

    Buy your tickets on the National Trust website. When you buy online, the pass will be sent to you by email immediately.

    Is it worth the National Trust Touring Pass?

    It depends. For those interested in touring many different historical sites and willing to explore the countryside, National Trust Touring Pass is an excellent business! Considering the relatively low price, it is less intimidating than other more expensive passes.

    If you're in the UK for more than a week, consider buying the 14-day pass, which is only slightly more expensive than the 7-day option, and allows guests to explore at a much slower pace. These sites are scattered throughout the United Kingdom, so it is useful to have additional days.

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