What to see in London

    In London, culture is available to everyone with its museums (free), theaters and events and where you can learn to appreciate its gastronomy and great beer offer in its typical and picturesque pubs. Perhaps the only comparable city (in terms of culture) is Paris .

    We recommend you go to one of its famous double -decker buses and tour the city comfortably, discovering corners and parks that will leave you amazed, or spend a day walking through its street markets where you will find all sorts of unique things and characters.

    If you want to go to many of these attractions for free, take a look at the London Pass .

    For more, you can see our tourist map. Remember to look at the time before leaving and check the location of each place to choose a hotel appropriate to your plans.

    See the best tours and activities in London

    10 monuments and places of interest in London

    Big Ben

    It is the largest four-sided clock in the world, famous for its reliability and icon of the city and the country. Without a doubt, a must.

    Tourist Tour in Big Bus

    Bukingham Palace - Changing of the guard

    It is the official residence and administrative center of the British monarchy since 1837.

    It is the place of royal ceremonies, official visits and investiture, in addition to the famous changing of the guard.

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    Palace of Westminster

    World Heritage that houses the Houses of Parliament of London, Westminster Abbey and the popular Big Ben.

    Boat trip from Westminster to Greenwich

    Tower Bridge

    It is the most famous bridge in London and certainly the most colorful with its Victorian Gothic style.

    It is located next to the Tower of London (hence its name), prison-castle where the Crown Jewels are kept.

    Tickets without queues to the Tower Bridge

    Tate Modern

    The Tate Modern is one of the most important modern art museums in the world.

    Your admission is free and you can enjoy the works of Warhol, Picasso and Dalí. Do not miss it!

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    British museum

    It is one of the most important museums in the world next to the Louvre. It contains more than seven million objects from all continents and illustrates human history.

    Entrance and Tour without queues by the British Museum

    Trafalgar Square

    Central London Square, where malfestations and public events are held. One of the most popular places in the world, which also commemorates the victory of the Battle of Trafalgar.

    Oxford Street

    It is the busiest commercial street in Europe, used to be a luxury residential area until the beginning of the last century, but nowadays it is full of shops and stores of all kinds.

    Tourist Bus on Oxford Street

    London Eye

    The London Eye, also known as Millenium, is a giant ferris wheel, 135 meters high, located on the south bank of the River Thames. A good walk for visitors.

    Tickets without queues to the London Eye

    Hyde Park

    Considered the lung of the city, it is the largest park in the city and a place for events and meetings.

    Leaving without visiting it is like not having enjoyed London.

    Camden Town

    It is one of the best-known neighborhoods in London for having the most picturesque street markets in the city and for holding events associated with alternative culture.

    Walking Tour by Camden Town

    This is just a sample of what we consider to be the most important things you should visit in London. Below you can expand your options with the most important sections of our guide:

    The most interesting and essential to visit


    With its great cultural offer , London has an endless number of interesting museums and galleries, many of which are free, promoting education and fun in equal parts.

    Here you will find prestigious museums such as the Natural History Museum , the National Gallery or the impressive British Museum .


    London is divided into districts or "boroughs" where you can discover part of the history of the city.

    Do not forget to visit exclusive sites such as Covent Garden , Notting Hill , Chelsea , the colorful and diverse Camden Town , the beautiful and quiet Paddington or the lively Soho. You can also see London's famous streets .


    The city offers visitors a wide variety of monuments from all periods in every corner, from the so-called Monument , which recalls the great fire that swept the city, to Marble Arch or Millenium Bridge , as well as many buildings such as the Globe Theater or St Pancras Station , which are already famous monuments.


    The capital of the United Kingdom has a green lung in the form of various public parks that extend throughout the city and its surroundings, such as Hyde Park , Green Park or Kew Gardens , where you can enjoy a picnic, play sports or attend a outdoor concert.

    London markets

    The street markets of London are a good option to find all kinds of merchandise: from souvenirs to antiques, from fresh fruits and vegetables to footwear and clothing.

    In addition, they are perfect to appreciate more of the vibe of the city.

    In our blog we always have new activities to do and places to visit, you can check the guided tours page to get an idea.

Best Places to see in London - Monuments, museums and important places in London
Big Ben, Hyde Park or the National Gallery are some of the main things you can not miss in London. CLICK for more!

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